October 31, 1999 at the "Onion" Unitarian Universalist Church

Here's a few pictures from our performance at the Celtic Arts Center's Samhain celebration. (Photos courtesy of LeeAnn Gorne.)
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Here's a couple shots of the band, with a closeup on Aedan with her harp.
We were especially privileged to have Kira Ott performing with us at this show. Here's a couple pix of Kira and Howard, dancing a slip jig. Kira is a dancer in Martin Morrisey's school of Irish step dance. (Howard was also a student of Marty's.)
Kira and Howard again, this time doing a two hand reel. The shot in the center is of Kira dancing a hard-shoe treble reel. All of these dance steps (reels & slip jig) were choreographed by Martin Morrisey.
Pictures of Ian and George, along with a visit from Dana Sue Collins for more dancing. She looked like she was having so much fun, Howard had to jump in and dance a few more steps as well...

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