Calendar Extension for SeaMonkey and SuiteRunner

One of the many casualties in the transition from the Mozilla Application Suite to the Brave New World of Firefox/Thunderbird was the integrated Calendar Extension. It was abandoned in favor of the standalone Sunbird application, which was later followed by an extension named Lightning which was designed solely for Thunderbird. When the Suite was resurrected as the Seamonkey project the calendar functionality was gone.

Of course, for folks (like me) who actually used the Suite because it's a fully integrated suite Sunbird and Lightning are non-starters. Since neither the Seamonkey Project nor the Calendar Project want to support the Calendar Extension any more, I've been privately maintaining my own set of patches to keep the Calendar Extension working in Seamonkey. After seeing that there was more general interest in this work, I posted my patches on Bugzilla: Bug#371830.

I've made binaries available for a couple versions. These are the platforms that I have easy access to. If you need it built for some other platform, you'll have to get help from someone else. I lead development on the OpenLDAP Project full time; I only hack on Mozilla when I'm forced to because problems in it impair my productivity. (See this note for some work I did on Mozilla MailNews; most of that work was subsequently integrated into the main source. I also revamped the Mozilla build system for Windows, speeding it up by over a factor of two. Anyone who's familiar with my work on OpenLDAP already expects those kind of outcomes; that's just what I do...)

The packages are here:

If you previously downloaded an older copy you probably need to download it again; I forgot to include the ImportExport handlers in the XPI before. They're included in the current images up there.

Some important notes before you use these packages:

  1. They work for me. If they don't work for you, you're pretty much on your own, because nobody on any of the Mozilla Projects will touch this code. I may try to help out, but if I'm too busy, that's life. Nobody is paying me to work on this code or provide bandwidth for these downloads; I'm not liable for anything that goes wrong on your system. You use this material solely at your own risk.
  2. The code is built from the latest Calendar code in CVS (trunk). In general this is a good thing, but there can also be problems due to newly introduced bugs in the code. I've patched these bugs when I've run into them. You may run into others. You should email me with any bugs you encounter. If I have time I will track them down. Otherwise, see above.
  3. If you've been using one of the old versions of the Calendar Extension (whenever that was last possible, ages ago) then it's likely that your existing Calendar database is not compatible with the current code. The code has functions to migrate formats automatically, but just to be safe, you should export your existing calendar to an ICS file as a backup, before running this new extension.
  4. In general I patched just enough to get the old code back to its normal working state. In a few cases I've made some additional tweaks.
  5. If you can determine that a problem you encounter is caused by a bug in the core Calendar code, and not specific to this Extension, then you can probably submit a report to Bugzilla and the Calendar folks might work on it.
  6. This extension builds and runs well under SuiteRunner. I haven't provided a package for it here, because I haven't written a chrome.manifest to work with the new extension manager. If you want to see a package for SuiteRunner, you could help by sending me a working chrome.manifest file.
  7. For any other packages - if you use my patches to build a package for some other platform/version, please email me with a link to your build and I will include it on this page.
It's also worth noting that the Lightning extension will work with the new SuiteRunner version of Seamonkey. If you want a calendar module that's actually supported by the Mozilla Project, and you can wait for those patches to get integrated and released, then you should probably do that and ignore this stuff here. Personally, having tried Lightning a couple times, I still prefer the Calendar Extension. And in the meantime, SuiteRunner is still a long way away from its first public release... -- 2007-03-05

Update: Thanks to Ricardo Palomares Martinez for sending me an updated Spanish language pack. 2007-05-14


Page updated 2007-05-14.

Let me know if you have any questions, problems or suggestions. hyc